Sunday, June 29, 2014

Have Coasters, Will Travel

A good friend of mine put in a request for a batch of coasters and he even supplied me with a couple of the cards.  I'm on the road again this weekend visiting him in the state where everything is bigger.

Time for delivery!

His wife is a HUGE George Brett fan, thus the mini 1987 of most popular Royal of them all:

Cubs?  Heck yeah!  Andre Dawson!

Ron Santo!

Ernie Banks!
I think the Mr. Cub coaster turned out the best.
All were made with epoxy resin, blue self-sticking felt, and a pinch of glitter for the backgrounds. Definitely one of my better batches, even if I had to take an exacto knife to make the Santo card fit within my coaster mold.  A don't know if a mini or Ron Santo wearing a Cubs uniform exists.  Why does Topps ignore certain Hall-of-Famer players like they tend to do?


  1. If you get anywhere near Dallas-Fort Worth, lemme know! I'll buy you a beer!

  2. As far as I know there have never been any Ron Santo minis.

  3. They look very impressive on our table, and have already been pressed into service! The Wife was more than excited with the George Brett Coaster and laid claim to it for her exclusive use!