Sunday, June 8, 2014

Quite a Catch

There are many different types of collectors among the members of the blogosphere. There are the set builders, the team collectors, the super collectors of particular players, and the collectors of the many different niches (think Nick of Dime Boxes).  There are collectors who boast of card counts in the millions and there's the young blood who is just starting up their own collections.  If I had to describe my collection it would fit the following characteristics:
  • 85% Baseball, the other 15% would be basketball and football from the junk wax era
  • Under 40,000 cards, which may sound like a lot or a little depending on who you are
  • Heavy on singles of Chicago Cubs
  • Player collections of Ryne Sandberg, Kerry Wood, and Kosuke Fukudome among others
  • Many complete sets... I guess I'm a bit of a completest
 For the most part, I have a very good clue as to where everything is located, but every once in a while I find a gem that I didn't know I owned.  I was digging up a pair of cards for Tony at Wrigley Roster Jenga and I came across this beauty:
Nice catch, Mike!

It's a 2002 Iowa Cubs card of Mike Mahoney and his daughter, Aubrey.  The team set was produced by Multi-Ad.

Even better?  I have two of these team sets so I can send Tony this card and still have one for my collection.  Score!


  1. Well I look forward to owning that beauty! Thank you very much for your generosity. My posting has been curtailed as I kinda sorta broke my hand and typing with one is a real pain in the rear. But, this is one that I can't wait to write about!

  2. That's an awesome card! Minor league sets have a lot of hidden gems like those.

  3. Thanks for the recent pwes. I am packaging the Colossus