Sunday, June 8, 2014

I am the Fujikawa Dumping Ground

It seems as though every other package or PWE that graces my mailbox contains a card of this injured Cub:
2013 Topps Chrome Refractor #008/199

Yep, I am the dumping ground for Kyuji Fujikawa cards.  I was excited about his signing back in December of 2012.  Mr. Fujikawa made his MLB debut in April of 2013 and pitched better than his ERA shows.  Then, poof!  Out of no where he comes down with an elbow ligament injury and the next thing you know he's having Tommy John surgery.    Fujikawa was all in on this TJ surgery before it was fashionable this year.

He hasn't pitched in over a year, but Topps is still releasing cards of him.  Most recently Archives hit the store shelves and shockingly Fujikawa is in the product.  I need to give my boy, Wrigley Wax, a hat tip here, because I can't find any Topps Archives in my neck of the woods.

I still think Fujikawa has some promise, but I don't know if it's with the Cubs.  No matter. That won't stop me from showing off my collection of him!
 Send me all your unwanted Fujikawa cards!

Back to the PWE.
 To the left we have a 2009 Upper Deck Starquest card, which is very shiny, but not not quite as shiny AND sparkly as this red 2014 parallel of The Shark.  Man, I wish he would get a haircut.

This generous PWE was from The Lost Collector and very much appreciated!  Thanks, AJ!


  1. I hope Fujikawa returns to the mound soon. He was one of the most dominant relievers in Japan (the NPB equivalent of Trevor Hoffman?).

  2. I've been sending these to Fuji because he's a Japanese player. I'll check and see what duplicates I have - they're yours if you want them.

    1. I'm game. I don't know that we've traded before. Drop me a line at mrcoach00 at yahoo dot com and we'll work something out!