Saturday, June 14, 2014

Contest #2 for Spot in My 1st Group Break

I hope you were able to enter Contest #1 earlier this week.  Here's #2!

Here's the down and dirty details for the contest:
What you have to do: I'm attending the Cubs game in Philadelphia tomorrow (Sunday, June 15th) and all you have to do make some comment on how you'd like the Cubs to win the game. Yes, I'm going to limit you to one entry for this contest, thus only one comment is required.
Deadline for contest: 1:35pm Eastern Time, June 15th (first pitch of the game); which gives you twenty-four hours from the time this post went live.

Contest Prize: IF the Cubs win, then I will randomize all the entries and the winner will be able to select a team of their choice in the group break!
Disclaimer: No Cubs win = no contest winner.  So, I hope your comments pack a punch, because I want to see a win and I'd like to give away a slot!

What's in the group break:  I have three swell boxes picked out from three different years.  (Yes, swell is in italics for a reason.)   If I find something else moderately interesting on my current travels we'll add that to the mix as well.  Cross you fingers!

The big details reveal post about the break will be after I return from my trip.  That post will contain the price of the break, how to make payment, the boxes in the break, and all the other details.

Seeing as how these two contest posts are taking place while I'm on the road, please be patient waiting for the results if the Cubs do happen to win.  I'll get to the randomizer as soon as I return to P-town.

Now, start rooting and cheering for my Cubs!


  1. Cubs will win 1-0 on an Anthony Rizzo inside-the-park homer.

  2. Let's go other team from Chicago. (Is that better?)

  3. Okay Cubs, let's even up the score against the state of Pennsylvania for Tom...

  4. Cubs win 1-0 on a Jason Hammel pinch hit home run in the top of the 19th inning. Hammel is pretty much the only Cub I like and that's the only way I could see him getting in the game.

  5. I've got at least 2 reasons to want the Cubs to win. 1) I like them 2) As a Nats fan I really really really hate the Phillies (or is it their fans I hate?) anyway GO CUBBIES!

  6. Go Cubs! Especially since you're playing the phriggin' Phillies...

  7. If a Reds fan can root for you, I guess a Cardinals fan can, too. Go Cubs!

  8. The Cubs winning that ballgame would please me greatly.

  9. The Cubs will win 9-0, scoring one run per inning forming a perfect picket fence on the scoreboard.