Friday, April 10, 2020

Realignment and Stickers

This week Major League Baseball has been throwing ideas at the wall and trying to see what sticks.

Their latest and greatest proposal involves a Grapefruit League, a Cactus League and the universal DH. 

Honestly, it's exciting to think about.

  • It's set up so the Cubs could play the Cardinals in the World Series! 
  • Which NL team has a roster best suited to add a ninth bat to the lineup? 
  • How will the baseball play in Arizona and Florida? The air is so dry and hot in Arizona, yet so muggy in Florida. 
  • With teams playing seven or eight games a week (doubleheaders) in the heat, does this give advantage to teams with a younger overall roster?  

So many questions!

Oh, and those divisions, which are based on their geographic location in each league, are crazy!
How about the Nationals and Astros in the same division?

Is the weakest division the Northwest? I was picking the Brew Crew to finish 3rd in the NL Central and they might be the best of the lot.

I thought the Reds and White Sox both could have challenged for division crowns in the NL and AL Central, because they both made some impressive acquisitions over the winter. Now they have to contend with the Indians (still a contender in my book), the Angels (don't count out a team with Trout and Rendon in a shortened season) and the DODGERS.  Good grief!

Radical realignment, no fans, the DH and all the baseball games coming from two states. Wow!

Here's a question: Would still black out your local team's games in 2020? Surely not. Right?

Again, it's all just a proposal, and supposedly it's one of many the MLB brain trust is considering.

Time for a card sticker!
Sticker #86, from the 2020 Topps Sticker set, is of the Vogelmonster! 

The backside is of some dude who is a fourth of Vogelbach's size. The 2019 MVP doesn't even know how to properly fill out a uniform. So, nope, I'm not showing off the back. Dodger fans, you'll have to deal.

Stay safe everyone and cross your fingers that we'll have some form of baseball in 2020.


  1. I'm having trouble with MLB's quest to play at all. I do miss the game, immensely! Perhaps my fear is that the tinkering to play this season will lead to bigger changes when normal play resumes. Also with the current pandemic, keeping players six feet apart seems improbable. A team can't be a team sitting in the stands. Tagging a player out? How will that work? Is stealing off limits now? Thanks for letting me vent a bit.

  2. It’s interesting, but just don’t think there’s much to it and would be so hard to pull off. But amen to the universal DH.

  3. I'm all for baseball and suspect we will get a robotic umpire, but my biggest concern is between the catcher and hitter. How will that work?

  4. Very interesting. If there was a year to experiment... this would be the one. I'd love to see the battles between the Giants and A's.

  5. Nice sticker! I've always felt baseball card stickers are awesome.

    It's an interesting prospect, this realignment. Is it permanent? Or just for 2020? I should probably go look that up and try to find it rather than putting that on you, sorry.

    1. Just a proposal for the 2020 season only. I think MLB is striving to be the first major sports league back thinking it will give them a boost in popularity.