Saturday, April 25, 2020

DB Bracket: Winners

We had an all Willson Contreras final and it ended up being a very close battle, 7 votes to 6.

The 2020 Turkey Red fell behind early and stormed back, but ultimately the 2019 Holiday parallel took home the prize. Here's your winner: #5 seed - 2019 Topps Holiday, Willson Contreras, #HW64.
It's a great looking card and someone at Topps did a very nice job of framing Contreras with white holiday foliage. Personally, what makes this a winner for me is Willson's catching gear. Yellow isn't one of the Cubs colors, but the blue, red and yellow are the colors of the Venezuelan flag. Patriotic catcher's gear!

Here's a view of the final bracket:

One more time, a big thank you goes out to Nick for providing the cards in this mini-series!

Lastly, this bracket challenge also doubled as a contest. A vote in any of the five posts during this mini series earned you a chance at winning a PWE of cards. The were 68 votes placed over the five days of voting, which was really the perfect number (in other words, not to hard to tabulate on any given day).  Thank you to everyone who participated in some fashion or another.

I just learned how to use Screencastify earlier in the week as part of my teaching gig. So here's a short video revealing the winner.
Congrats to Nachos Grandes on the win. I'll see what I can do about sending something red your way.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. number came up first. Congrats to Nachos Grande, and thanks for the contest. This was a fun way to show off new cards.

  2. Whew. That was close. I kept seeing votes for the Turkey Red and for a second, I thought I might have jinxed the holiday card. Very cool series of blog post. That was fun. Congratulations NG!

  3. This was an AWESOME concept for a trade post. So glad I could supply the cards for all the fun!

  4. This was fun! Thanks for doing this!