Wednesday, April 15, 2020

DB Bracket: 1st Half of the Sweet 16

Welcome to the first four match-ups of our Dime Box Bracket. Again, thanks to Nick for providing the cards in this post, which miraculously all came via one cram-packed PWE.

Here's another view of the bracket.
Please leave a comment with your votes below, which only needs to include the player name. Remember, each time you vote you'll gain an entry for a PWE of cards.

The Round of 16

Match-up #1
#1 seed - 1981 Topps Baseball Scratch-Off, Dave Kingman, #69
#16 seed - 2018 Topps Throwback Jerseys Flagship Insert, Anthony Rizzo, #S-49

Commentary: Kong may have very well hit the longest homer in Wrigley Field history. Additionally, it's a nearly 40-year-old odd ball!  The Rizzo... well, I love Rizzo, but I'm tired of all the numerous Topps inserts.

Match-up #2
#8 seed - 1970 O-Pee-Chee, Ken Holtzman, #505
#9 seed - 1981 TCMA The 1960's, Billy Williams, #402
Commentary: How about this for an #8/#9 match up? I don't want to sway the voters so I'll keep my mouth shut.

Match up #3
#4 seed - 1996 Topps Gallery, Brooks Kieschnick, #135
#13 seed - 2020 Topps Sticker Promotion from Opening Day, Javy Baez, SP-2

Commentary: I needed this one for the Kieschnick player collection, which is my 99th different card of the former #1 draft pick. I didn't know the Gallery brand ever produced non-portrait like cards, but I really dig the batting cage photo. I'm a big fan of Topps stickers, but I wish they kept to the smaller size. The sticker design this year is better than previous editions in my opinion.

Match up #4
#5 seed - 2019 Topps Holiday, Willson Contreras, #HW64
#12 seed - 2016 Topps Stickers, Kyle Schwarber (RC), #200

 Commentary: I love-love-love Willson's catcher's gear and how about that sparkly holiday parallel? The Schwarber is more of the mini/traditional sized Topps sticker and it's sporting the RC logo. Definitely better than the Baez sticker, but is it enough to take out Contreras?

Alright, leave your votes in the comment section below. Voting will close when the next post goes up in two days.
Thanks for playing along!


  1. Fun! Rizzo, Williams, Kieschnick, Contreras.

  2. OK, well, since there's no side box to vote in, you get my actual thoughts. You can decide whether that's better or worse.

    1. I said yesterday that Kingman has a leg up because Mets. OTOH, that scratch off set is kind of ugly, OTOOH, you're right about the Salute inserts getting boring. KINGMAN.

    2. How are these such low seeds? I love the TCMA stuff, but the Holtzman is a great picture, with a nice look at the last days of flannel uniforms, plus O-Pee-Chee. HOLTZMAN.

    3. It's amazing how many different sets are being produced these days; these are both relatively recent yet I really don't recognize either design. They're both pretty nice. The little heart-monitor line coming out of Brooks' helmet seals it. KIESCHNICK.

    4. I like both of these. The Contreras is a great picture but probably works better without the holiday stuff, which makes the card too busy. And I tend not to like horizontal cards. Close, but SCHWARBER.

  3. Hey, Hey!


  4. Kingman, Holtzman, Kieschnick, Contreras.

    The committee needs to explain that 8-9 seed matchup.

  5. I won't be voting since I'm a bit biased here (obviously), but I definitely think that's a worthy #1 seed! Kong is one of my favorites as well, and I love those '81 Scratch-offs.

    I kinda like the Topps Stickers in regular card size but I wish they'd stop putting one guy on the front and another guy on the back. Kinda weird having a Rizzo card in my binders with Ian Desmond or someone on the other side.

  6. (16) A.Rizzo over (1) D.Kingman
    (9) B.Williams over (8) K.Holtzman
    (13) J.Baez over (4) B.Kieschnick
    (5) W.Contreras over (12) K.Schwarber

  7. Kong, Billy, Brooks & Willson. Kong is my favorite... but Willson is right behind him.

  8. Kingman, holtzman, baez, schwarber.

  9. I'll go with:

    A. Rizzo
    B. Williams
    J. Baez
    K. Schwarber

    Thank you for this!

  10. Kingman, Holtzman, Kieschnick, Contreras.

  11. Kingman, Williams, Baez & Schwarber. For me

  12. Kingman (my least favorite match-up tbh), Holtzman (TCMA cards don't interest me much), Kieshnick (love batting cage shots), Contreras (the holiday sets are kind of fun)

  13. Kingman, Williams, Kieschnick, Contreras