Sunday, April 19, 2020

DB Bracket: Elite 8

Welcome to the third post of our Dime Box Bracket. Today we have the winners of the Sweet Sixteen match-ups, which saw two upsets. The TCMA Billy Williams took out the 1971 Holtzman O-Pee-Chee card in the #8 vs. #9 dual by the score of 10-5. And the Baez Sticker (#13) sneaked out a win, 8 to 7, over the Topps Gallery Brooks Kiesnick (#4).  The rest of the match-ups weren't close, as they were all decided by a 10-5 or 11-4 margin.

Once a gain, a big thank you to Nick for providing the cards in this mini-series.

Here's a view of the updated bracket:

Please leave a comment with your votes below, which only needs to include the player name, but I do appreciate your extra thoughts!  Remember, each time you vote you'll gain an entry for a PWE of cards.

The Elite 8

Match-up #9
#1 seed - 1981 Topps Baseball Scratch-Off, Dave Kingman, #69
#9 seed - 1981 TCMA The 1960's, Billy Williams, #402

  Commentary: Bloggers love older cards and oddballs, so I'm not too surprised both of these cards found their way to the next round. This should be a close vote!

Match-up #10
#13 seed - 2020 Topps Sticker Promotion from Opening Day, Javy Baez, SP-2
#5 seed - 2019 Topps Holiday, Willson Contreras, #HW64

Commentary: Two current Cubs in this one battle. The Baez sticker was shown a lot of love in the first round on its way to an upset and the Holiday Parallel seems to be a very polarizing card. Do we have a Cinderella card on our hands?

Match up #11
#2 seed - 2020 Topps S1 Turkey Red, Willson Contreras, #TR-19
#7 seed - 2019 Archives Topps Magazine Insert, Anthony Rizzo, #TM-12

 Commentary: I'm a little surprised Rizzo handled the Gary Matthews Topps Tiffany card so easily in the first round. Personally, I think he'll find it much more challenging against a beautifully done Turkey Red card of Willson Contreras. Regardless, it's Topps inserts versus Topps insert in this one!

Match up #12
#3 seed - 2013 Panini Cooperstown International Play Insert, Fergie Jenkins, #6
#6 seed - 2005 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites, Andre Dawson, #36

 Commentary: This is the match-up I'm most interested in, because it sports two Hall of Fame players on modern day cardboard. The unique design earned Fergie the higher seed, but The Hawk had one of the better smiles in baseball . . . plus, logos!  Is it possible that a Panini offering could take down a card from Topps?

Alright, get to voting in the comment section below. Voting will close when the next post for the final four goes up in two days.
Thanks again for playing along!


  1. kingman, contreras, contreras, jenkins

  2. Williams, Contreras, Contereras, Jenkins

  3. Williams, Christmas Contreras, Rizzo, Dawson.

  4. These would be tough for me, especially the Contreras/Rizzo matchup. I love both of those insert sets.

  5. Kingman, contreras, contreras, dawsom

  6. Williams, Conteras, Rizzo, Dawson

  7. Billy Williams, Contreras x2, Andre Dawson.

    The Topps Holiday Contreras is the best of the rest.

    Good Job! 👍

  8. Williams, Baez, Contreras, Jenkins.

  9. (1) D.Kingman over (9) B.Williams
    (13) J.Baez over (5) W.Contreras
    (7) A.Rizzo over (2) W.Contreras
    (3) F.Jenkins over (6) A.Dawson

  10. Kingman, Baez, Contreras, Jenkins

  11. Kong, Contreras, Contreras, Jenkins

    Personally... if I were reshuffling the seeds... I'd make the Holiday Contreras the #1 seed. I love that card.