Friday, April 17, 2020

DB Bracket: 2nd Half of the Sweet 16

Welcome to the second post of our Dime Box Bracket. Today we have the other half of the bracket to think about. Again, thanks to Nick for providing the cards in this post.

Here's another view of the original bracket.
Please leave a comment with your votes below, which only needs to include the player name. Remember, each time you vote you'll gain an entry for a PWE of cards.

The Round of 16 (part II)

Match-up #5
#2 seed - 2020 Topps S1 Turkey Red, Willson Contreras, #TR-19
#15 seed - 2019 Topps Flagship Perennial All-Stars Insert, Ernie Banks, #PAS-25

 Commentary: My phone did some weird things to border of the Turkey Red card. But, oh my goodness, the blues and yellows of that card are just too much for me. It's my early favorite for card of the year. The Perennial All-Stars insert concept is nice, but once more, I'm worn out on Topps inserts.

Match-up #6
#7 seed - 2019 Archives Topps Magazine Insert, Anthony Rizzo, #TM-12
#10 seed - 1985 Topps Tiffany, Gary Matthews, #210

Commentary: I was just ragging on Topps and all of their inserts, but I really dug Topps Magazine and was glad they went to back to the well on this one. And how about that Topps Tiffany? The front is all glossied up and the back is a shade of lime green that one could expect from a Tiffany card. Plus, bonus points for it being a card of Sarge. I'd say that is a very solid offering for a #10 seed. Nick's PWEs really pack a punch!

Match up #7
#3 seed - 2013 Panini Cooperstown International Play Insert, Fergie Jenkins, #6
#14 seed - 2018 Topps Pro Debut, Adbert Alzolay, #70

Commentary: Panini Cooperstown is one of my favorite sets from the last decade and this is an insert of a Hall of Famer I had never laid eyes on before. Adbert Alzolay is the latest and greatest Cubs pitching prospect. Well, we all know how that has gone lately.

Match up #8
#6 seed - 2005 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites, Andre Dawson, #36
#11 seed - 2017 Archives Bazooka Insert, Kris Bryant, #59B-15
 Commentary: The All-Time Fan Favorites set is chocked full of great players and this Dawson card is a beauty. The Bryant, another insert, pays tribute to the 1959 Bazooka minis. Nice, but I'm personally kind of down on Bryant right now, thus the lower seed.  Could this be an upset in the making?

Alright, get to voting in the comment section below. Voting will close when the next post goes up in two days.
Thanks again for playing along!


  1. My votes are for Contreras, Matthews, Fergie, and Bryant. But I can understand why you're down on him.

  2. I'm also a big fan of that Contreras (a literal sunset card!) -- glad I stumbled into a duplicate to send to you! And if it makes you feel any better, Alzolay won the 2027 Cy Young Award in my OOTP simulation!

  3. I'm going Banks, Rizzo, Jenkins & Dawson......

  4. Contreras, Rizzo, Jenkins, Dawson

  5. 1. Oh, man, this is tough. OTOH, there's that lovely background on the Contreras, and you're right that inserts like that are kind of played out. OTOH, it's Ernie Banks, and a great photo, but I think one we've seen before. That's enough to give it to CONTRERAS.

    2. The magazine inserts are interesting, but they're busier than ideal for a card. MATTHEWS.

    3. Speaking of busy. I love Fergie, but that's a bit much. ALZOLAY.

    4. Battle of the retro designs. Both very nice. But I think the Dawson is a better photo than the original, and I miss the days where they'd give you a new picture rather than just reprinting the original. (I mean, there are plenty of other ways they give you new takes on old designs, I'm just grumpy about reprints.) DAWSON.

  6. Contreras, Matthews, jenkins, Bryant. I think I'll go looking for one of those fergie cards now.

  7. All are great cards of your beloved Cubs and my votes are for Banks, Rizzo, Jenkins, and Dawson.

  8. Contreras, Rizzo, Alzolay (all I can see from that Fergie card is Panini trying too hard to hide logos) and Dawson.

  9. (2) Contreras over (15) Banks
    (7) Rizzo over (10) Matthews, Sr.
    (3) Jenkins over (14) Alzolay
    (6) Dawson over (11) Bryant

  10. Usually can't stand modern Topps inserts... but I'm gonna go with Banks and Rizzo... the Fergie... and my favorite card so far... the Bazooka Bryant.

  11. Contreras, Rizzo, Jenkins, Dawson