Thursday, January 19, 2017

Slabbing My NLCS Game 6 Ticket

I couldn't find a ticket protector at my LCS so I turned to the internet. Oddly enough, Amazon had the best price, which is not my experience when I generally look for card supplies or cards. 

I've seen Sammy Sosa hit three homers in a game, I've seen walk-off homers, and I've even seen a no-hitter at a minor league game, but the Cubs' clinching a World Series appearance in Game 6 of the NLCS is my favorite "moment" at a live baseball game. Can an entire game be a moment?
 I don't figure I'll ever see anything like that again. I typically toss all my game tickets in a box and leave them be, but this one deserves a little more.

Unfortunately, I could only get three of the screws undone, but I managed to get the ticket centered between the two pieces of lucite.
Overall, I'm pretty happy with how the ticket looks and I'll now have to find a place to display the ticket in the man room.

Speaking of happy... When we get an Amazon package I'm not sure who enjoys it more.  Obviously, I like getting things I need/want, but the cats always seem to get something out of it as well. 😀

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  1. Find an image of the celebration at the end of the game and have it framed with the ticket! That would be killer! That lucite looks sharp, too!

  2. Nice treasure. My wife once insisted on buying a cat bed for our Maine Coone. Worst buy ever!

  3. Things like that make a collection more unique.

  4. That's a unique piece I am sure will always bring back those memories