Tuesday, January 31, 2017

SI Kids, for Me!

So, I'm reading through the posts on my blogroll the other day and I came across Wrigley Roster Jenga's post about Sports Illustrated Kids sports cards. Often times reading WRJ's material and Wrigley Wax's musing are my favorites, but sometimes they show Cubs cards I wish I could also have in my collection. I wouldn't say it makes me jealous as much as it makes me a little bit sad.

So yeah, I saw the above Ben Zobrist card I was a little bummed. It's not exactly a card I can go and pick up at my LCS or have fall out of a retail pack of cards. I really enjoy Ben Zobrist cards and who doesn't love a nice oddball baseball card?

Then a PWE from out east hit my mailbox, literally a day later. As it turns out, I apparently know people who can hook me up!
My mood cardboard collecting mood did a complete 180 in less than twenty-four hours!
 Not only do I now have the Zobrist, but I also have the Kris Bryant card from the month before. How cool is that?
 Yeah, I'm pretty excited about adding these to my collection. The numbers on the back are #581 and #588, which means they would really fit well in the back end of Cubs FrankenSet, because many of the cards over #500 are from the junk wax era. It's fairly rare when I get a star player with a number that high; so many of the players in those last pages have names like Paul Assenmacher, Hector Villanueva, Greg Hibbard and Chico Walker.

Yet, these two cards would also look good in the their respective player collections. Decisions, decisions. Real first world problems here.  😀

Thanks for thinking of me, AJ. I owe you big time!


  1. Nice, glad you needed them! I couldn't remember if it was you or not, so I'm happy these weren't dupes!

  2. They look good together. Don't tell Rizzo.

  3. AJ swoops in heroically to save your day - very nice! Also, thanks for the kind words and sorry to be such a showoff (but, not really).

    Also, funny you should mention Paul Assenmacher, he may just be showing up on my blog in the next couple days.

  4. awesome oddballs! Cubs makin' paper look good!

  5. A very nice coincidence there. Sweet looking cards. And a major score for you! I like Hackenbush's comment.

  6. I post up the new issues cards every month if you need to see if there are cards in each you need to hunt down. I subscribe to collect the cards lol