Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Mr. Zobrist, This Way to the Clubhouse

If you like to follow the Hot Stove at all, then this has been a fantastic night.  The Cubs signed local product Ben Zobrist to a 4-year deal and not ten minutes later traded Starlin Castro away to the Yankees.  Zobrist is very good clubhouse guy and super versatile and I'm happy to add his patient left-handed bat to the lineup, but I'll miss Starlin.  He did everything the Cubs ever asked of him.  #GoodLuckStarlin

Oddly enough, I received a trade package today from This Way to the Clubhouse and the dominant player in the three team bags was Starlin.  Four of the cards above are new to my collection, but they will wind up with all my other Castro cards in the "Former Cubs" binder.  #SomeoneIsChoppingOnions

Parallels!  . . . of more former Cubs.

 Luis Montanez was a former #1 draft pick for the Cubs during the Tribune era, in which the Cubs would draft second rate talent to avoid paying big bonuses to #1 picks.  The Tribune Company was not a good team owner.
Gold, Chrome, and Base
On the left we have past Cubs favorites on the left in Randy Myers, Shawon Dunston, George Bell, and Mark Prior.  Three new-to-my-collection Rizzo cards on the right!

 Lieber was a workhouse and he is under represented in my collection and these two will help.

This one is my new favorite Alfonso Soriano card . . . die-cut, shiny, a nice design and a good shot of his leg kick.

 Nicknames!  Can you place the correct player with the correct nickname?  We have Sweet Swingin', Ryno, Juice, The Lip, The Hawk, and Oh Henry!  Great cards and nice variety!

 Jeimer Candelario was recently named to the Arizona Fall League's all-star team.  Addison Russell haunts Billy Beane in his dreams (even in mini form).
Lastly, a couple sweet Cy Arrieta cards.  The Stadium Club card is just begging for an autograph on it.  #CubsConvention

There were another three-dozen or so cards in this package and all of it will vie for spots in my Cubs FrankenSet.  Mark, thank you for trade!


  1. That's a great package of cards right there. I'm ecstatic to have Zobrist and Warren in the fold... Brendan Ryan, I forgot he was still active. However, it is sad to see the longest tenured Cub go (wow, it's hard to believe he'd been around the longest).

    1. Brendan Ryan's name still hasn't been confirmed as of yet. Perhaps something more useful will be coming back, otherwise Ryan will be AAA depth or Jonathan Herrera V2.0.

    2. Brendan Ryan can be the latest reincarnation of Darwin Barney...

    3. It'll be Ryan. They are just waiting until after the Rule 5 draft to keep the 40 man spot open.

      It's a good trade. I liked Warren, but 2B had been brutal since Cano left. This should solve that with a young, exciting player.

  2. It was a pleasure to trade with ya, Tom! Those darn onions do it every time, don't they?

    1. They do. Losing the longest tenured Cub will do that to a guy. :) Thanks again!

  3. Zobrist has been one of my favorites for a long time. It is cool to see him finally get big money. Those crazy good years he had with the Rays were after he signed an ultra team friendly deal.

  4. Big day for both our teams yesterday. That SC Arrieta NEEEDS a signature