Thursday, May 16, 2013

Trade with the Toddfather - 2nd Edition

Tim, from Home of the Toddfather, contacted me about my recently pulled Freddie Freeman Gypsy Queen framed relic.  Well, Freddie and a chorus of Rockies have now found a new home with the Toddfather.

This is my second trade with the Toddfather, let's see what Tim sent back my way this time!

My second Aramis Ramirez of the week, a 2011 A&G framed mini!  Crazy to think that as recently as this past weekend I didn't own one relic of A-Ram and now I have two!

Tim was also kind enough to offer up a Kerry Wood from the 1998 Pacific Online collection.  I haven't visited the website yet.  Should be pretty awesome.  No?
 Um, no.  Not awesome.  Maybe it was fifteen years ago, but the link is a dead end.  Bummer.

Another Ryno to add to my ever growing, half-cataloged collection: a '96 Studio.  Sweet!

Tim also threw in a Tennessee Smokies baseball schedule.  Completed unexpected, but most certainly welcome!  Someday I'll make it down to the AA affiliate of my Chicago Cubs. Perhaps even this summer?

Thanks for the great trade, Tim!

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