Thursday, May 23, 2013

My 1st TTM Success = Happiness!

On March 31st I posted how I was going send out my first TTM (through the mail) autograph request.  I deposited a well written letter, my card, and a SASE envelope into the mailbox on April 1st and this arrived in my mailbox today, only fifty-three days later:
Huh, I kind of knew what I was receiving from the Cubs, as I could feel a card within the unopened contents.  But what happened to my Self-Addressed-Stamped-Envelope?  It was inside and the card was sealed within.  Weird, why wouldn't he just dump it in the mail?  Why the new envelope?  I supplied more than enough postage, but apparently the Cubs' front office has their own way of doing things!

Oh, perhaps because "they" didn't want to worry about folding up the letter to fit in my smaller envelope.  Here's the letter that was inside.  It's a nice and quick read from Robin Lestina-Cikanek, from the Fan Services Department.  Thanks, Robin!
 Theo liked my nice words!  Here's the picture of the my friend and I dressed up in Theo-themed costumes that I enclosed with my autograph request that was mentioned in the post-script:

And, finally, here's my newly autographed Theo Epstein baseball card.  He even addressed it to me!
 Simply. Awesome.

The man crush continues to grow.


  1. Congrats! Amazing what a couple of stamps and a little bit of time can get you!