Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sportlots Fun - Part III: a HOFer and a Speedster

While looking to get the most cards for the shipping costs in my Sportlots.com shopping experience I had room for two more cards.  What to get?

My favorite card from the 2012 Topps Archives set was of Jackie Robinson.  I don't own any real vintage cards of Robinson, but this one has that feel to it, and I really think Topps did a nice job piecing this card together. 

Some may argue that Jackie doesn't belong in the Hall, because his career stats don't match up to the other members.  Hogwash.  The man was a inspiration and he helped change the game. Besides, he didn't start his career until he was 28 years old.  Add another five or six years on to career stat line and we would be right their with the best of them. 

For my last card I wanted to snag a Billy Hamilton.  There is a Billy Hamilton in the Hall of Fame, and he was a speedster (914 stolen bases), but I wasn't interested in the guy who played in the 1890's.
The Billy Hamilton I wanted played in the Futures All-Star game in Kansas City this summer and broke Vince Coleman's minor league stolen base record by swiping 155 bases in 132 games last summer. 

Simply. Ridiculous.   I wonder if he'll swipe more bases than his namesake in his major league career?  Somehow I doubt it, as the game is much different now, but it would make for some interesting headlines!

How fitting that Billy Hamilton plays for the Blaze and the card features a shot of him running.  I'd love to have this guy on my fantasy baseball team, but I tipped off my sister and she pounced on him.  She loves the speedsters and she's stashed him on her minor league roster as a keeper.  See?  Brothers can be nice to their little sisters.  

One more post to come and I'm saving the best for last!  (That would be the Cubs cards, of course.)

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  1. I enjoyed reading this one. Good job, Tom M.