Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Free Cards from Baseball Dad

Last month Baseball Dad from ALL TRIBE BASEBALL was celebrating his birthday and his blog's anniversary.  To celebrate he did a very cool and he opened up a part of collection to the blogging community.  The deal was you only claim one card over a three day period.  The catch was that new cards would be revealed each day, and if you waited for something more to your liking it was possible that someone else would swoop in and claim your card.  Oh, the drama!

I commented on a card on the first day that cards were posted, but I did not claim.  Baseball Dad sent me that card as a bonus.  Thanks!

Here's the card: 1989 ProCards Jose Mesa #1636

 Here was my comment from Day 2:

On the second day I found a rookie card of Jim Thome and I pounced!  A have a modest Thome collection, but this 1990 Bowman was not a part of it until now.  Score!

Baseball Dad also tossed in a couple of extra Thome cards. 

2001 Topps Finest:
Ooooh!  Shiny!

1997 Donruss Studio:

I love that Studio card.  I always thought they did an excellent job capturing the player.  No action shots in the sets, but stylish cards nonetheless.  This one I'm going to earmark for a Thome autograph. 

Thanks a bunch, Baseball Dad!  I saved your mailing address and the next time I pull some spiffy Indians I'll slip them in the mail as a thank you!

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