Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sportlots Fun - Part II: Completion of 2 More Sets

It's taken too long to get this post up.  David Freese starring as the lone card in my last post?  Yeah, not my best move.

How about some late 1980's junk wax to take your mind off of things?

1998 Topps #767 -- Jose Lind
I was only about a dozen cards or so from completing a second '88 Topps set when I went on my first collecting hiatus. 

When I briefly rejoined the hobby at the turn of the century I was only entertained by current cards. The uncompleted '88 set received no love.

After the most recent break, I have since been rejuvenated by the addition of a Man Room to hold my collection.  As a result I have been been focusing on organizing my cards which has lead to the completion of more than a few sets.

1988 Topps were what filled the shelves of stores when I first started collecting.  It's nice to finish a second set.  I think I just heard the twelve year old me say, "Thank you!"  Closure.

The 2012 Topps Opening Day set featured a twenty-five card mascot insert set.  I traded away many of the other inserts to fill my mascot needs, but helped take care of the remaining thirteen. 

The nameless White Sox mascot and the beloved Mariner Moose...
Bernie the Brewer and Mr. Met...
TC from the Twins and the Astros' Junction Jack...
 A pair of birds from the Eastern Divisions: Screech and the Blue Jay...

Captain of the Rangers and bobcat from the ballpark formerly referred to as the "BOB":
 My least favorite mascot and Parrot from Pittsburgh...
 Two Fredbirds?  Yeah, one is reserved for my Cardinal fan of cousin.

Instead of leaving you with a Cardinal as the last snapshot, how about me and picture of the Mariner Moose?   Man, it may sound odd, but I'd really like to see a moose up close and personal some day. So much so, I think I'll add it to my Bucket List. The Mariner Moose will have to fill that void for the time being.

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