Monday, June 11, 2012

Bobblehead Monday #17

Bobblehead #17
Name: Frank White
Position: Manager
Team: Wichita Wranglers
Description: 7 inches; giving signs from the third base coach’s box.            Check out the quality of the work on his facial hair. Very nice!
Relevance:  My good friends, Jeff and Nichole, took me to a Wichita Wranglers’ game nearly seven years ago. 
How Acquired: I picked Frank White up from eBay.
Other Notes: Planet Sub is the sponsor of the bobblehead and I believe you can still find plastic cups from Planet Sub in Jeff and Nichole’s kitchen cupboards.  Jeff, seemingly, has always had an affinity for restaurants that one simply cannot find in the Peoria area: Chipotle, Chik-fil-a, and Planet Sub.  All but the latter will open their doors in Peoria before 2013! 
On another completely unrelated note, I always thought Frank White was as slick a fielding second baseman as Ryne Sandberg.  Kind of a lesser known Sandberg-esque player in my estimation: he played in roughly the same era as Sandberg and had a somewhat similar set of offensive tools.  The downside was he played in small market Kansas City and wasn't often in the media's eye. In fact, he won eight gold gloves (one less than Sandberg) and was invited to five All-Star games.

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