Saturday, June 16, 2012

1978 Topps, 2 cards closer - Part V

Recently I had reader, Dave, contact me about helping me out with my set building needs.  Initially, he offered help with my 1988 Topps set, which was the set on display at retail stores when I first started collecting.  Dave passed on nearly five dozen cards and my want list is now down to a very manageable dozen or so.  I say "or so" because I'm too excited about the pair of 1978 Topps cards he sent along as well to do an official count.

I posted before on my 1978 goals, and these two cards are the perfect additions to my collection.  I give you Wayne Twitchell and Lyman Bostock.  Dave described them as in "rough shape" and that they would serve as good fill-ins until I could track down better cards.  Um, no, they're definitely keepers for my set.

Wayne's front is little beat up, but nothing I haven't seen before.  Flip him over and wow!  Scribbles galore.  

Lyman has two indentations that you can see on the bill of his batting helmet.  They show on the back of his card as well. 

I set a personal goal to organize my card collection this summer and during the process I unearthed a 1978 Chet Lemon.  Another one off my want list.  Nice!

195 cards left to chase.  Completion update: 531 of 726 = 73.1% done.

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  1. Mathman--missing decimal point? 731%?
    With love, Editorwoman