Sunday, June 24, 2012

7 Cities, 7 Games, 7 Days - Day 3

Next stop, as promised, Kansas City.  Today's game featured the Royals versus the St. Louis Cardinals at Kauffman Stadium.  Those crazy Cardinals won today 11 to 8 (bleck), but I did get to see six homers and Mike Moustakas' first ever multi-home run effort.  The crowd yells, "Moooooooooose" every time he comes to plate.  The Cubs need a player will the "oooooooooo" sound in their name so I can do the same.  No worries, I totally joined in.

Here's Kauffman Stadium as I'm walking up to the ballpark.  Only 29,062 in attendance, partly because the temperatures were in the high 90's for the length of game.

The brick work around the stadium features Kansas City's greatest moments and ballplayers.  Below is one of Frank White, who was recently featured in a bobblehead post.

There were advertisements all over the ballpark for this year's rendition of the All-Star game, which is to be hosted by the Royals on July 10th.

Here's a nice picture of Kauffman stadium from my upper deck seat.  Nope, I didn't sit in my actual seat.  I preferred to sit in the shade on this day.  The big, blue KC out is center field is an LED scoreboard.  Easily the biggest that I've seen at a stadium.

In the picture above the water fountains were at rest because the game was in progress.  Located on either side of the scoredboard, they come to life between innings!

Here's a shot of what the scoreboard looks like during the game.  Jam-packed with graphics and stats.  Very nice!

Here's a snapshot of the same scoreboard between innings.  Stadium karaoke to Garth Brooks', "Low Places."  Good song that probably 90% of the crowd sang together. 

The Royals also had a drumline play between innings twice.  They did a nice job and were pretty fun to watch.

Every team seems to have a mascot race.  Here, Ketchup is beating Mustard after Relish did a face plant about 10 yards back.  They showed the Relish misstep as a replay on the jumbo-tron and it was a brutal fall, but he finished the race!

If I had to sell concessions on this day, I would want this guy's job.  His snow-cones provided him with simple air conditioning and shade. He's a thinker and I approve.

This was my second trip to Kauffman Stadium.  Overall, a nice place to watch a game, but those Royals fans were outnumbered by their intrastate opposition, the St. Louis Cardinals fans.  Oh, those crazy Cardinal fans.

Four more ballparks to go!  Tomorrow I'll see if the Colorado Springs Sky Sox can become the first home team to win a game on my road trip.

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  1. I wish I could have seen the drum line! L