Monday, June 25, 2012

Bobblehead Monday #15

Bobblehead #15
Name: Roger Bossard
Position: Head of Grounds Crew
Team: Chicago White Sox
Description: 7.25 inches tall; toting rake and hose!
Relevance: I attended a game at “The Cell” a few years back, and although I have a couple of favorite Sox players, I chose a Roger Bossard bobblehead to commemorate the visit because of his influence on the grounds at Wrigley Field.
How Acquired: eBay auction, course!
Other Notes: Roger Bossard is known as the “Sodfather” and helped give the infield and outfield a much needed makeover at Wrigley.  Before Bossard took action, Lou Piniella joked that he never was sure if he had a player in rightfield because the infield crest was so high. After Bossard reworked the grounds Sweet Lou could now see the fielder, but I’m not so sure that he always wanted to.
I like this bobblehead because of its uniqueness.  There can't be too many head groundskeepers that have their own bobblehead.  Plus, this one has a removable rake!  Ohhh!

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