Sunday, April 1, 2012

Quick Weekends

It seems that the weekends are flying by lately.  It's almost as though I need a another weekend to recover from my actual weekend.

After work on Friday the family took Grandpa to the Legion Hall for dinner to celebrate his 85th birthday.  Grandpa is diabetic, but that didn't stop him from enjoying "his day" with a shot of Jack Daniels during dinner and a good-sized piece of Mom's delicious coconut cream covered angel food cake for dessert.  I hope to be as lucky some fifty years from now.

Saturday I spent the day at Jeff's dad's house replacing a water heater and installing a new water softener.  It's always good to hang out with Jeff no matter the scenario.  He's a great friend and entertaining as can be.  Below is the old water heater that's been acting up.

Here's the water heater on the curb at my house.  I told Jeff that we have some really devoted scrap metal collectors and they'd help us out.

Here's a picture of where the water heater used to be.  Not twenty-four hours later... poof!  Gone!   Sweet deal.

Saturday night Laura and I enjoyed dinner with the Cokers, Iadipaolos, and Sammons.  We talked a little bit about the Dine N' Dash race that we're participating in about three weeks.  Good times.

The above picture isn't really where the water heater was parked.  But, I had to work the landscaping into this blog entry.  Sunday I spent the majority of the day working in the yard.  Things are just growing like crazy this spring with all of the warm weather we've had.  The picture above features the retaining wall I installed last spring, the lilac bush Chris and Ken gave us, the flowering crab apple tree that Sarah bought us, and the wagon wheel that Mom & Dad gave us two winters ago. 

I was wondering how everything would piece together last spring as I was finishing the retaining wall.  I think it all looks pretty good!

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