Monday, April 9, 2012

Bobblehead Monday #26

Bobblehead #26
Name: Kosuke Fukudome
Position: RF
Team: Chicago Cubs
Description: 7.25 inches tall; starting his sweet left-handed swing with ivy covered walls behind him.
Relevance:  I was a HUGE fan of the Fukudome signing by Jim Hendry over four years ago. I have nearly fifty Fukudome baseball cards in my collection and almost three dozen of those have been imported from Japan.  No, he didn’t fulfill the lofty expectations of the Wrigley Field faithful, but he played hard, was a good teammate, and made an All-Star team.  I was sad to see Fukudome traded last summer, but glad he’s back in Chicago, even if he’s playing for the South Side.
How Acquired: Kosuke was an eBay purchase shortly after Fukudome’s bobblehead day at Wrigley Field on May 27th, 2008.
Other Notes: Kosuke Fukudome represents the first (of many) Chicago Cubs in my countdown.  The second picture is the back of the brick wall.  Apparently this was a short run of bobbleheads and each was authenticated with the artist's signature.  Well, that's my guess at least.  Perhaps I was somehow blessed with Fukudome's autograph!

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