Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Opening Day 2012 - Softball Style

We kicked off our slow-pitch softball season schedule tonight in nice fashion with a 10 to 6 win.  We played some solid defense and the bats did enough to give us an early lead and hold off the opponent.

I saw action in the outfield and shortstop and was my normal over-the-top energetic self.  Not quite as vocal, but only because I didn't want to scare off the new talent on the roster.

I lead off the game with a hard single to left, then beat a grounder up the middle, and capped off a perfect night at the plate with a triple to right field.  I was even able find that "extra gear" on a couple of plays near the end of the game. There's nothing like a good adrenaline spiked sprint. (Oh, and not have your aging legs fall off afterwards!)

I miss coaching softball, but playing it again sure is nice, especially when you can goof off with your friends!


  1. Yay for an opening-night win! Wish I could have seen it on TV. Mommler

  2. I have my first baseball action (a scrimmage) of the season on Sunday afternoon