Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dine and Dash 2012

I competed in the Roselle Park District Dine and Dash this past Saturday.  It was a running and eating relay race, where the first three team members run a 5k then eat, while the the fourth team member has to eat with no hands.  Sixteen teams registered and we earned the third place trophy. 

Jeff got us off to a great start with a very fast 5k run and then he pounded his food portion: the bread pudding.

Mikelle was next up and even though she didn't have much advanced warning to train she did a great job.  She wasn't a big fan of the wings, but she was able to scarf them down with out too much trouble.

I was the third leg and although I managed to finish the race I couldn't finish the pizza and had to take the ten minute penalty.  I have a pretty decent excuse for "wussing out," but let's not get into my GI issues. Okay?

Have no fear, Vince was there!  He was our closer,owned that skillet cookie, and locked up the trophy for us!

Good times with great people! 


  1. It was a good time. Next year we have to do it again so you can own that pizza

  2. Loved the photo of Vince! Reading how you couldn't finish a measly medium pizza is testament to how sick you must have been. So sad. Hugs, Momma

  3. Dine N' Dash 2013 is open for business. April 27, 2013. Sign up now! Joe DeCicco and Dana Colantuono