Thursday, October 17, 2019

These Didn't Come from the Dollar Store

Packages are starting to build up on my desk again, so here's the oldest one in the stack for your perusal. 

This one originates from north of the border. (Side note: why are shipping fees so outrageous to Canada? I feel like I'm paying for shipping in the USA and then all over again in another country. Argh.)

Douglas, from Sportscards From The Dollar Store had been squirreling Cubs cards away and I'm glad he kept me in mind. 

There was plenty of randomness in the package, but here's my favorites;
Matt Clement is a favorite here at Waiting 'til Next Year headquarters. Did you know we have a motto? "It's not ours unless it has cat hair on it." (See the left black border near the signature. Sheesh.)

I'm hoping Alzolay finds his way into the rotation for next year. First, that would mean he earned it, because he surely isn't going to be given the spot ahead of spring training. Secondly, the Cubs could really use an innings eater who is cost controlled. That roster of about to get crazy expensive.

I built the 2017 Stadium Club set, but I never was blessed with a gold Schwarber parallel. Very nice. 

More Stadium Club means more terrific photos.

Panini Chronicles is a crazy set.
 If I had the patience for it I would build this monster.
 There are so many designs and subsets it's difficult to keep track of.
I'm not even sure what I'm looking at here, but I love all of it!

Maybe he's the second baseman in 2020? Maybe he's the lead-off hitter? 
Perhaps. But, I think he'll start the year in AAA to get a little more seasoning. 

I love Heritage High series more than the regular issued set. Who's with me on that one?
 I enjoy all the bullpen and role player guys. Kintzler, Brach, Kimbrel, Caratini and Descalso. Simply fantastic.

Lastly, we have a couple of autos.
I'm not sure what to think about Trevor Clifton, but the hour glass is about up on him making a splash with the big league roster. Caratini has carved out a role with the Cubs and I'm quite ecstatic to add this numbered orange parallel to my autograph collection. 

Thanks for the cards, Douglas! A package just left P-town for you today.  😀

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  1. Love that Caratini! And Stadium Club is always nice to get.