Sunday, October 6, 2019

Ogle Those Vogels: Deep Stat Dive

The 2019 MLB regular season has concluded and the playoffs are in full swing. I'm paying attention to the post season, but I'm more intrigued by the Cubs' managerial search and everything Daniel Vogelbach.

I was listening to ESPN radio and the Nats vs. Dodgers series and the announcers were talking about Max Muncy's position versatility and his patience at the plate. As it turns out, Muncy was third all of baseball this past season in pitches seen per plate appearance.

Here's a screenshot of the Top 10 in MLB from
Look at who's #2!  Wow, that's some solid company Vogelbach is keeping!

I'm pretty ecstatic The Vogelmonster is so accomplished at fouling off pitches and taking balls just off the plate. As a high school baseball coach, who has to watch pitch count limits during a game, I'm constantly preaching patience at the plate so we can get into the other team's bullpen sooner.

To celebrate Vogelbach's first 30-home campaign and his eagle eye, let me drop some super Vogel-mojo on you.

I believe I have completed the 2018 Panini National Treasures Daniel Vogelbach rainbow!
Vogelbach was granted one spot on the checklist, but that meant seven cards, with each featuring a jersey swatch and autograph. Above is the "silver" version numbered to /25.

Here's the "gold" numbered to /10.

This is my favorite card of the group, the "one-of-one " laundry tag!

Behold, the printing plates!




Here's a picture of all four at once.
The magenta just arrived the other day and I still haven't had a chance to package it up like the rest.

All I need now is a Vogelbach jersey to cut up and some auto'd stickers and I can start producing my own Vogelmonster cards. Woo-Hoo!

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  1. Impressive, I've yet to gather all four plates for anything.

  2. That's some mighty fine player collectin'!

  3. Very cool that you were able to land all the plates!
    And of course, I love the Christmas Card!

  4. That cyan plate is magnificent. It works so well with the Mariners patch.

  5. Wowza. Congratulations on completing the printing plate set. That is quite the accomplishment. And I couldn't help but think of Gavin when I saw the Christmas card.