Friday, July 13, 2018

More 2018 Topps Big League

I opened a few more packs last night and a handful this morning. If you missed my first post on this set just click here to catch up. I'm now halfway through the hobby box and have decided I will definitely chase the full base set. The jury is still out on the inserts.

I purchased four blasters earlier today for $33 shipped from a seller on Ebay. Hmmm... a hobby box is $45 for 240 cards at my LCS... four blasters yield 256 cards. I like supporting my LCS, but it's hard to pass up a deal like that.

I found some more cards I thought I would share, specifically a few of the All-Time Greats and one of the Ministers of Mash.

Before I reveal those how about a couple more from the cool photo selection department?
 If you haven't seen the somewhat recent NY Times article on Ichiro's current position with the Mariners you should give it a read. It involves a lip toupee!
 Nice bubble!
This one was from my hike this morning. I couldn't resist sneaking it in the post. I was able to get within six feet of the guy before he decided I was close enough and bounded off.

I've found two of the bigger named rookies from the 2018 class in the first half of the box.
If I can somehow score that Ohtani character in the second half of this box, then my set build should be pretty cheap the rest of the way out. 

I found an error card. No, it's not one of Topps' silly planned errors that are SSP'd. This one is a legitimate error. See if you can find it below in the text and I'll post what it is a little further along in the post.

I've pulled two Ministers of Mash inserts. The first was of Cody Bellinger. Nice, but it didn't ring by bell. (Sorry, couldn't help the bad pun.)  The other one did.
 Both card backs, Bryant's and Bellinger's, mention launch angle. I wonder if that is a theme throughout this insert set.

Error Update: The back of the Innings Pitched Leaders states Cole pitched for the Astros last year. Oops.

I finally pulled my first All-Time Greats. As a reminder, these are part of the base set and are not short prints. They have just been a tough pull for me for whatever reason.
Oddly enough, my first two were gold parallels.  Go figure. Notice the old timey logos!
Hey! We have full stats on the back. Wait. No we don't. Booooo! We're missing the Splendid Splinter's first four seasons before he entered the war. As I review the backs of the three I pulled it seems as though they each have fifteen seasons worth of stats on the back. It's unfortunate, because All-Time Greats are going to have played for longer than that.
I do like this Honus Wagner card quite a bit, even if the back is missing the first six years of his career.

There you go. I'll do another post when I pull my two caricature cards and obviously show the hit if I'm lucky enough to pull one. Eventually I'll get a want list up after my blasters come in.

Have a good weekend and thanks for stopping by!


  1. The Ichiro might be the best card I've seen all year. Here's hoping I pull one if/when my Target ever gets any of this in stock.

  2. I haven't seen any bark in the park cards yet, even though th at were on the sell sheets . Hopefully they are retail only and start showing up soon!

    1. I think I heard they got cut from the checklist. :( They would have a great addition to the set.

    2. I will confirm that - I read in at least two different places Bark in the Park got the axe for unknown reasons.

  3. Tom, I picked up three boxes for $35 each at a card show tonight and already ripped all three (getting out of my rut). I pulled 198 base cards out of box 1, only 14 new ones in box 2 and 28 in box three. Sitting at 240/400 after three boxes out of 594 base cards.

    Will definitely be up for trading dupes.

    1. Wow, that's a good price for a box! It just reinforces what I thought I already knew, my card shop really is overpriced.
      240/400 after three boxes? Whoa! That's some bad luck for sure. I would LOVE to trade you dupes for dupes to help build our sets.
      I will be in touch after I have ripped and collated!

    2. I ripped three boxes and completed the base set. I didn't keep track of how many new cards came out of the second and third boxes, but I did notice that most of the cards that filled holes in the set coming from the third box ended in "0". I don't know if that's the case across the entire run, but it is a bit odd as collation goes.

    3. Stubby, if you have some dupes and would like to trade please reach out. I don't believe I have your contact information. mrcoach00ATyahooDOTcom