Monday, July 30, 2018

Trading With The Dime Box Legend

There was lots of talk this weekend from many baseball pundits who tossed the word "legend" around. I suppose this is to be expected when six players are inducted into the Hall of Fame. For most of you the title of this post, "Trading With The Dime Box Legend," was all you needed to see to understand how good this trade post would be. Nick has been blogging since 2011, has over 200 blog followers, and his posts are ones that frequently have me wishing I lived in the Chicago suburbs for the cardboard alone. He may disagree, but he is on the short list of the best baseball card bloggers.
Nick and I both caught the 2018 Topps Big League bug and we agreed to a quick trade to help each other out. I definitely got the better end of this one, but I'll even the score with my next random package I'll send north on Interstate 55.

Ginter goodness:
I like reading A&G posts, and this is prime A&G season, but Allen & Ginter is not for me. Well, I mean, I absolutely want the Cubs, but I don't have much need for non-baseball related cardboard in my collection. I'm not hating on Ginter, but it's not my bag.

Turk Wendell and Rod Beck.
These are certainly two of the most unique personalities to walk through Wrigley since I've been watching Cubs games. Both are PC guys and the Shooter Bowman card is a new one for me!

This card was some sort of sweepstakes offer from Upped Deck in 1996.
 It's also my 83rd different Brooks Kieschnick card in my collection.

Speaking of player collections...
 Nick went 6-for-6 in the Kerry Wood department, which isn't easy when I have 500+ cards of Kid K.

These. Are. Awesome.
 I have a mini David Ross collection of him in Cubs attire only. I own both of these two cards but I couldn't separate them from the Cubs World Series boxed sets. Now they can go in the player collection binder!

The Hawk!
I read earlier this week where a blogger said that someone should pit Andre Dawson cardboard versus another bad-a$$ in a cardboard competition. I can't remember if it was Dave Parker or someone else. Either way. great idea!

Off-center, creases, fuzzy corners... Absolute Vintage Gold. Sometimes I think Nick knows me better than I know myself!

Framed relics are so eloquent!
 The Dempster is from 2012 and the Aramis Ramirez is from (turns over card to look at back) . . . 2007.  Can that be right?  Wow.

Series 2 flagship:
All of the above are new to me! Three rookies, a photo-shopped Smyly, Carl Edwards Jr. and a fun team card. Good stuff!

I just showed the Ben Zobrist World Baseball Classic Topps Tribute card last post. Here's the Rizzo!

There were three Legends In The Making inserts in this package. Fitting, considering the title to the post.
 I new Baez was a special talent, but I never saw him leading the NL in RBI this far into the season.

Kris Bryant.
 I hope he gets his shoulder right and soon. My Kris Bryant collection grows in streaks. I can go four or five trade packages without one Bryant card and then BOOM!  Half dozen!

The 1984 Fergie highlights this grouping as it's one of my Top 3 favorite Donruss designs.

The photo on the left is similar to the gesture I made when I opened the mailbox today and saw Nick's package. The one on the right is akin to how I feel toward Nick and his generosity.

I tip my cap to you, Good Sir! Thank you!

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  1. You're very welcome, glad everything arrived safely! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd be referred to as a "king" in any department of life. Thanks again for the Big League help and all the others you sent me.