Sunday, July 15, 2018

A Hit out of Topps Big League

Remodeling the man room has left me scrambling for time to finish off this box of 2018 Topps Big League. I put the trim in a few hours ago and just finished painting over the nails in the trim to make it look a touch more aesthetically pleasing. Tomorrow I'll start moving everything back in and I'm really looking forward to that! I'll throw some pictures up on the blog once everything is finished.

Speaking of finished...  I finally cracked open the last packs in the box. 

While doing so I found a foil board parallel of the 2017 AL Stolen Bases Leaders. Technically this is a "rainbow" parallel and the odds are one out of every thirty packs, which means I beat the odds.

I found a Players Weekend Ozzie Albies and the Shoei Ohtani rookie.
Two things to note here: 1) Ohtani was the last big rookie I needed for my set build and 2) Ozzie Albies needs a genuine nickname.

The odds stated I should find three Star Caricature Reproductions in my box.
Syndergaard is my favorite and Kershaw's isn't bad. Hoskins? I though caricatures were supposed to highlight a person's face?

And I really beat the odds by finding an autograph in my box, and a gold parallel at that! According to the pack wrapper a Rookie Republic auto can be found in one out of 716 packs. Quick Math: That's one of these gold rookie autos out of every thirty-ish boxes. Yikes!
 Oh, and this one is serial numbered 01/99, which means it's an Ebay 1-of-1 and I'm just going to retire right now.  😜

My four blasters should arrive midweek and then I'll get a want list up.

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  1. Great stuff! Congrats on beating the odds. Can't wait to see what you pull from your blasters. Good luck!

  2. Very nice. Crawford's a stud defensively, I'm not sure how more development his bat needs (probably a lot) but Phillie has a lot to like there.

  3. you did well! I opened a blaster but pulled no Tigers or any players I collect. Cardstock is somewhat this but I like the simple design and off-color borders.

  4. Not a huge fan of this product, but I love that they made the hits hard to come by. Congratulations on pulling the Crawford eBay 1 of 1!

  5. Nice pulls! Congrats on the Ohtani and the auto!

  6. Sweet Crawford auto. Congrats on the great pull! And I thought the LL rainbow was going to be the hit...looks like Big League has some big value. Albies' nickname is almost sarcastic in its simplicity. If I overthink it I kinda like it..but yeah, he should at least be called "Oz" or something.

  7. Beautiful Whit Merrifield card! He is my favorite current how he plays the game and the aggressive baserunning is part of that.