Saturday, February 3, 2018

Baseball Mail Every Day

My last blog post was about how I traded a stack of 1992 Topps cards to Peter, of Baseball Every Night, and how he sent me a nice Ryne Sandberg card in return. I was very happy with that return. 

Then this happened:
I haven't received that many PWEs in one day since the days when I was JBF's favorite target. By the way, BWTP, I hope you survive 2018!

So, let's see what is those plain white envelopes!

Here's the first envelope:

 Addison Russell before he was traded to the north side.
 Woo-Hoo!  I've been looking for this card at a decent price on Ebay all year. I refuse to pay ninety-nine cents plus three dollars in shipping for a 2017 insert from Topps flagship product. I thought I would find it in a quarter or dime box eventually. Peter to the rescue!

Envelope number two:

 Yeeeeeessssss!  Another insert!  My Ryno collection is swelling!

Envelope number three:

Man, Peter really helped me out on the Sandberg cards from 2017. I need to be more diligent about picking up new releases of all Ryne Sandberg cards. There's really no reason I shouldn't have the base version of every modern day card.  

The parallels?  Well, if they fall in my lap, then sure. But, I'm not going all full rainbow mode like I did with the Vogelmonster.

Wait, with every three PWEs you get a 4th one free! I think that was in the fine print.
I think Peter must have used up all of his sports themed postage.
Hah!  Oh, Peter. You're quite silly. 
BOOM!  Doug. Frickin'. Dascenzo. Gold. Winner. 

You know you're all envious and what not. Well, hands off. It's mine! This one goes straight into the Dascenzo binder!

Peter, you're a true friend in cardboard. You've built up some solid karma here. Try not to use it all in one place!


  1. I'd do this if I didn't realize that stamps cost 50 cents each. Cool gesture on Peter's part though.

  2. Funny!

    I’m still bitter Tino wasn’t in that HR Derby set.

  3. Cubs home uniforms look so much better unnamed. I fact, I think it that REALLY thick red border on the letters they added. Drop that border, along with the name, and they would have a better uniform set.

  4. Tom! Glad that all the cards made it. I was so mad at myself about the Dougie card. I'm trying to be good to those who have been good to me. Next on my list... well, that'd be telling... pks