Sunday, February 11, 2018

Bloggers from GA Bring the Goods

 Today I've got a two-for-one mail day post for you. I had been in contact with Tony (Off Hiatus Baseball Cards) and John (Johnny's Trading Spot) about some Cubs cards. I'm not quite sure, but I think the two packages they sent may have completed my 2018 Topps Series 1 Cubs team set. I'll have to look at one of Wrigley Wax's more recent posts to perform a quick crosscheck.
 As cool of an action shot Ian Happ's card presents, it is an awfully busy card.
I think Rizzo's is my favorite Cub card so far. He doesn't get too many fielding cards.
Three guys no longer on the team made the Series 1 checklist. Koji Uehara and Alex Avila seem pretty excited about that.

All of the above cards are from Tony. He won a box of Series 1, busted it and he has been distributing the cards throughout the blogs. My kind of guy!

On to the second package!

John dropped a USPS small flat-rate box on me with a note.
The little "hehe" has me worried. Not JBF/BWTP worried, but worried nonetheless. I guess I should start stocking up on Braves just in case!
Boom!  I think this Willson Contreras card completes the Cubs team set. I'm very psyched about that, because I haven't purchased any 2018 product for myself yet.
Coco-Cola and Drakes oddballs!  How about Dick Tidrow's mustache? Love it!
And, we have a Penguin sighting! Doesn't surprise me with the cold weather we've had around P-town as of late. 

Fleer 1996. I wasn't collecting at the time, but like this set quite a bit. Full bleed photography and the card fronts feel very much like Topps' card backs from the early 1980s.  Very nice to the touch. True cardboard done up with a little gold foil. Very nice.

And now, we interrupt this trade post with a Tony Womack card.
Here's the thing... I didn't remember Womack playing for the Cubs. Then I went to his page and discovered he had two separate stints with Chicago. Good grief.  And I call myself a Cubs fan.

Pretty cool serial numbered Mark Prior "playing card" here:
 The rounded corners and the back give it the playing card feel, and the "Long 1 Base Hit" surely means something, but I couldn't tell you.
They back is very old-timey and like old-timey more than I like shiny. That's saying something.

More reminders that we're stuck in the middle of winter.
Watch out for Kyle Hendricks. He looks possessed in that black and white negative parallel.

 I wasn't a big fan of the cloudy corners of 2016 Topps, but the parallels were pretty sharp.
 This Matt Szczur card is framed up nicely buy the gold honeycomb effect.

More knew cards to add to my collection:
I was lamenting how I didn't have much product from the past couple of years because I had been focusing on my Vogelbach collection. Well, John fixed that with five team bags full of cards.

Saving the best for last!
 I probably have a few of these Kerry Wood Video Replay cards from Stadium Club. I love love love the Sportflics-esque qualities of this card.
You know how certain songs or smells trigger memories that are crystal clear? Cardboard. Cardboard can do that for me. This Kerry Wood card takes me back to my college dorm room right in front of the TV. Kerry's break stuff was so ridiculously filthy. It was so much fun watching that game!

Thanks for the great Cubs cards Tony and John!


  1. Koji was an odd choice for series one; at least it's a cool photo! All around great stuff here.

  2. I also have that "Video Replay" Wood insert, and it's by far my favorite card of his.

  3. I can never keep up with John. Each time I find some good Braves for him he hits me back with a truck load of Pirates. The man is a trading machine.

  4. The video replay cards were pretty cool!

  5. Good stuff! And Kerry Wood was so good that game, he didn't need an umpire to ring up those 20 strikeouts!