Monday, February 26, 2018

Johnny's Trading Spot Strikes Again!

John, in a recent trade, mentioned within the package's note that more cards would be coming. Then he snuck a little comment into the trade post summary:

Hehe, indeed.

I guess the headquarters of Johnny's Trading Spot must currently be flush with Cubs cards as of late.

And, what's this?

The leading card on each of the two team bags were of The Vogelmonster!  That's a great way to start any trade package!

I have a mini player collection of Glenallen Hill. The dude had prodigious power!  And, he's such a badda$$ with the red batting gloves, wristbands, and shades.
 I have a more formal collection of former #1 draft pick Brooks Kieschnick. The Fleer Excel card above is the 81st different Kieschnick in my collection.

I was so excited about the Cubs starting rotation back in 2002 and 2003. Well, we all know how that turned out.
Kerry Wood is still involved with the Cubs and I believe Mark Prior will be the Dodger's bullpen coach this season. Good for him!

Speaking of guys I was excited about in 2002. Corey Patterson had all the tools, but he never could quite make enough contact.
 Those 2003 Topps Chrome cards work really well with the Cubs cards. Isn't it about time we have another Cracker Jack set?  I'm game!

Here's a couple of more cards that stood out to me.
Sammy still pops up in the headlines from time to time. Rich Hill seems to have found the fountain of youth. I love that big lefty curveball of his... you know, except when he's striking out my team with it.

John added another Vogelmonster to cap off the package. Behold:
There's always room for another autograph in my collection!  Dugout shots are kind of rare and I kind of like this photo. Yet, I had no idea it was from 2014 and was a complete uniform photoshop job until I read this post from Matt at Once a Cub. Nice detective work, Matt!

John, I'm beginning the slow process of digging out from "The Collection" and I'll be sure to hit you back once I have a sizable stack of Braves to ship your way.  Thanks for the Cubs and Vogelmonsters!


  1. "... believe Mark Prior will be the Dodger's bullpen coach this season"

    How many arms will he ruin?

  2. At some point the universe with coerce you to accumulate every copy of the Stadium Club auto.