Tuesday, February 27, 2018


There are hot boxes where the lucky breaker gets more autos or parallels that beats the odds. I've never opened a hot box, but I can only imagine how much fun that would be.

There are hot packs where you might come across the base card and insert of a player in the same pack. I've had this happen to me quite a few times, but it's never been of a Cubs player.

Is there such a thing as a Hot PWE? 🔥
Well, I think Marc, from Remember the Astrodome, just sent me one.

How about this?
It's a Hee Seop Choi Hot PWE!  For what it's worth, I think the 2004 Topps design is very underrated as a set.  I like the gray border the Opening Day cards offer, as well.

Forty percent of the cards in this PWE were of Choi, which I think qualifies as a Hot PWE. If I recall correctly, Hee Seop Choi was the first base prospect Jim Hendry traded to Florida for Derrek Lee. Good stuff. 

Two hard throwing righties: 
 Garza is still looking for a team to pitch for in 2018, as is Arrieta. I could see both of these guys joining the Brewers, but I hope not. I hope they both find new teams outside of the NL Central, especially Jake.
 World Baseball Classic!  I seem to be the landing spot for Anthony Rizzo cards as of late. I can't complain about that!

Thanks for the surprise package, Marc.  I'll be sure to send something back before too long!

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