Sunday, April 9, 2017

1st Game of 2017 & Topps Now Update

Last night was Opening Night at Dozer Park in Peoria. I don't remember the weather being as beautiful for the Chiefs' first game of the season . . . ever. It was sunny and about 68 degrees at game time. Simply wonderful.

I always like to sample the new stadium food early in the season so I splurged on an eight dollar jalapeno and bacon cheeseburger, which goes by the name of Firehouse.
 Overall, the entree filled me up and it was pretty tasty. Good purchase!

In other news, the Phillies ambushed the Nationals in the first inning yesterday to the tune of a dozen runs. Seeing as it was a record setting performance for the Philadelphia ball club Topps Now deemed it card worthy.

As mentioned early on this humble little blog I splurged on some Topps Now Ultimate Card Giveaway scratch off cards and I was lucky enough to have two winners: #23 and #80.

Yep, I was hoping for a Cub, but at least this card has purpose. Maybe there's a Phillie fan out there reading who would be interested?  I'd love to turn this card in some Cubs cards if possible!


  1. I am just itching to get to the ballpark- I have tickets on the 19th, but I may be sneaking over to Target Field earlier if I can make it happen.

    Kind of shocking to me that there have already been 23 Topps Now cards in 2017, but I shouldn't be surprised that they are squeezing as much as possible out of the cards.

  2. I hope to make it to Dozer that last Sunday in April. I have heard they update the food options. The Firehouse looks like a mouthful.

  3. What a great-looking park with a nice view. I love independent and minor-league parks. My first game of the year is May 11th. Looking forward to it!