Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A PWE from Stealing Home

Oscar, aka Stealing Home, from All Trade Bait, All The Time, sent me a surprise PWE a week or so ago. Life has gotten in the way and I'm just now finding a second to acknowledge Oscar's generosity and thoughtfulness. Sorry about the delay, Oscar.
I love it when a little note accompanies the cardboard. It's always a nice touch. And yes, I am so glad baseball is back!

Alright, let's take a look at what was in that PWE:
Ooooohhhh!  Nice start with a future star and the winner of the Hank Aaron Award. I may have finished my 2017 Cubs Series 1 base team set, but I'm still working on those inserts. Great start with the KB!

 I had such high hopes for Starlin Castro as a Cub. I guess it's a good thing Theo and company are better baseball talent evaluators than I am.
 Or are they?  That Jason Heyward contract is still looking like anything but a bargain at this point.

Reed Johnson and Travis Wood are two of my favorites. I liked Johnson's grind it out approach.
 Travis Wood was the crazy lefty every team needs in their bullpen. I miss him already.

I think this card is from the "Opening Day" Donruss sets from back in the day. Shawon Dunston!
 I have a mini collection of Shawon and this one goes into the binder. Nice.
Mike Capel and Drew Hall?  Man, the Cubs seem to really struggle with pitching prospects. Even the ones that did make a name for themselves seem to flame out early due to injury, like Kerry Wood and Mark Prior. Although Kyle Hendricks has done well for himself, but he was drafted by the Rangers. Does he count?

Oscar, thanks for the cards!  I'm working on a return PWE to send your way, but please be patient. My teaching and coaching job is a complete time suck right now.   Rest assured though, you are on my list. Thanks again!


  1. I'm a Reed Johnson fan myself. That's a great photo choice by Topps. I was always on the fence regarding Starlin. I did admire his attitude when he was moved to second base with the Cubs. He seems to be doing well in NY.

  2. The Reed Johnson card brings back memories. 2011 Topps had an obsession with throwing in random shots of guys yelling.

  3. Oscar is a great fellow. He surprised me with some cards too quite recently. I owe him! The Bryant Award card is a colorful and good addition!

  4. I'm glad the cards arrived safely and you're enjoying them.
    When it comes to me, don't worry about "late" posts and so on. As Yosemite Sam once said, "I aint no clock watcher!"

  5. The Dunston is from '89 Donruss Baseball All-Stars. http://www.tradingcarddb.com/ViewSet.cfm/sid/57822/1989-Donruss-All-Stars