Saturday, February 18, 2017

Topps Now Ultimate Card Giveaway

I bought a jumbo pack of 2017 Topps Series 1 about two weeks ago from my LCS and found an '87 autograph inside. That was a nice surprise! I flipped the auto on Ebay for a little more than a blaster and I've been living dangerously with a positive balance in my PayPal account ever since.

In my jumbo pack I also received one of the Topps Now Ultimate Card Giveaway scratch off promotional cards.
 I scratched the card, went to the website, typed in the code and was greeted with this message:
 Yeah, I kind of expected that would happen. I didn't know much about the promotion, but I thought this might be a cheap way of getting a Dan Vogelbach card or another cool Cub card during the season.

My Paypal account still had all that cash in it from earlier so I pulled the trigger on an Ebay auction.
So, for $12.25 shipped I picked up a 24-card lot of the scratch off cards and went crazy with a penny.

With my third card in I was greeted with this message:
My hopes were high that one out of every four or five cards would be a winner. No such luck. With the one code from the jumbo pack, plus the other two dozen from the auction, I found two winners out of 25 cards, which is an 8% chance of winning. That's not horrible I suppose, but I have no idea if I beat the odds or if I had some bad luck.
2017 Topps Now Design
 The downside is I thought a winning scratch-off card would net me a Topps Now card anytime during the season. For instance, I was hoping the Vogelmonster would hit three bombs in one game and then I could redeem on of my two winning scratch-offs and pounce on a card to commemorate the event. That would have made my year, with respect to the hobby.

Here's what I won instead:

After you enter a winning code Topps then sends you an e-mail. Those e-mails have revealed that I'm the proud owner of cards #23 and #80. I suppose I have an outside chance of one of those cards being a Chicago Cub, but more than likely it'll give me two cards to try and flip into something that fits my collection.

In summary, that one jumbo pack has treated me fairly well:
  • I found three Cubs cards within to add to my collection
  • I sent out five PWEs to team collectors, a couple of which have made the blogs
  • I flipped the auto, half of which I turned into two 2017 Topps Now cards 
  • There's still eleven bucks sitting in my PayPal account to buy that Topps Now Vogelbach card during the season that will inevitably be released. Score!

It'll be fun to see what happens and it certainly gives me a little something to look forward to.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Pretty sweet! Sort of fun that you have something unknown to look forward to.

  2. Wheelin' and dealin'! Looks like you made out alright in the end.

  3. I think that worked out pretty well! I had one scratch off in the packs I bought, had the same result as your first one.. #23, that's Sandberg's number, right? That's a good omen at least!