Friday, February 24, 2017

An Odd Coincidence

I found these two cards in a PWE from Daniel, of It's Like Having My Own Card Shop, the other day and I couldn't help but notice Warren G is a righty and Joan Jett is a southpaw.
Anytime I see two pitchers throwing with opposing arms I can't help but think of double barrel bullpens. Could you imagine having these two in the pen warming up? I could see Warren G bringing the heat, but I don't know if Joan Jett would be much more than a LOOGY.  So it goes.

Cards from my childhood!
You've heard of hot packs and hot boxes... Have you ever heard of a hot PWE?  Well, this was a Curtis Wilkerson hot PWE!

I remember when nearly all of my hopes were pinned on Andrew Cashner and Tyler Colvin.
Wow, sometimes time really does fly!

And here's the best for last...  but not because it's a minor league card of a Cardinals farmhand, but because of the irony!

My wife has actually been in Phoenix since Wednesday attending a business conference and while she's gone I receive a card from Daniel, who lives in Arizona, of a Peoria Chiefs player.

I'm trying not to read anything into this weird coincidence, but I'm hoping I didn't mistakenly trade the love of my life for a picture of Chris Lambert.  I've had a head cold for the last week and things are kind of a blur. Yikes!

In all seriousness, thanks for the cards, Daniel. They are much appreciated!

Oh, and please say 'hi' to Mrs. Eamus Catuli if you bump into her!


  1. Glad the cards made it safely. That is a weird coincidence! Too bad you couldn't come out with your wife and take in a few Cubs practices.

  2. Might need to see if Joan Jett does TTM's. That would make a great addition to my Lefty PC.