Monday, February 20, 2017

Sometimes It's The Little Things

Let's clean out the photo bin!

Two weeks ago I was downtown with some friends bottling up the adult beverage, which we crafted during my buddy's 40th surprise birthday party back in December. In total, he walked away with just over five cases of brew and seemed pretty pleased with the whole experience.

I had to bow out early that night, because 7:20a.m. Calculus classes don't teach themselves. But before I left the guys sang me a (severely) belated Happy Birthday and handed me a mini keg!

Rhodell's is a brewery in downtown P-town, and a pretty nice one at that. From what I've been told I can have the mini keg refilled for fifteen bucks. Not a bad deal, especially at the slow rate at which I consume beer. 

Moving right along...

This past Friday I walked into one of the big box hardware stores and was greeted at the end of the entryway by a pallet of 5-gallon buckets. I had one of those "Whoa!  I must have it!" moments and six dollars lighter I was a very happy Cubs fan.
5-gallon buckets are a strange commodity in my house. I either have way too many, because there isn't a project going on, or I'm short because of the needs of the project. I use them for all kinds of household chores: gutter cleaning, transporting volunteers from our worm farm in the basement to the garden, and especially for chipmunk relocation.  

This one is too nice to have worm castings coat the inside of it!
What you see is the left side of my card closet in the man room and Holiday is setting on the shelf next to a red paper box full of card shipping supplies. The shipping supplies used to rest on the floor until I had water in the basement a few months back and now they can go in the new bucket and back on the floor. What a fantastic use for the bucket and I recoup more space for cards!

Now, if only I can convince my cat that this shelf is not hers.

Thanks again for stopping by and reading!


  1. I've been seeing some really interesting ways local breweries have been getting their beer out. The mini keg is fun especially if you are having some people over.

  2. Oh... how I long to one day own a card closet and a San Diego Padres World Series Champions bucket.

  3. That's a very inexpensive way to get a rather large souvenir. Good buy. (Cat's do like shelves.)

  4. Sweet little feline face. She deserves the whole shelf.

  5. I think it's cool that you have a worm farm. I like worms. (I like most animals). Cool! I've actually been known to go outside after a storm and gently push the worms off the driveway so they don't fry in the sun.