Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I'm Impatient (Spring Fever Edition)

Yes, at the moment, I'm very impatient.

The weather here in P-town has been north of sixty degrees for the last five days, which simply does not happen in Central Illinois in February. Needless to say, it's pushed my internal clock ahead of its normal schedule.

High school baseball tryouts for my team are five days away. The Cubs first spring training game is three days away. My fantasy baseball draft is still about twenty-five days into the future. Argh!

Seriously, I'm tired of waiting. There are so many baseball related things I'm excited for and staring at the clock is not helping.

At least one thing has arrived.  New baseball cards.

My Cubs Series 1 team set is slowing being pieced together. These cards arrived in yesterday's mail via Bryan, the author of Golden Rainbow Cards

A quick and easy PWE trade is the best way to go . . . especially when you're impatient.
 Thanks for the cards, Bryan!

Oh, and here's another BIG reason spring can't get here soon enough:

Yeah, that's right. The Vogelmonster! I can't wait to see how he adjusts to MLB pitching.  I mean . . . I can't wait to see how MLB adjusts to The Vogelmonster. It's going to epic.

Hat tip to The Lost Collector for alerting me of the article on Vogelbach where I pilfered the picture. Yep, my favorite minor league player of all time is getting some MLB level publicity. Man, life is good!

What are you most looking forward to this spring?


  1. I thought it was Lou Piniella at first glance! I want to see the Cubs in their gold uniforms.

  2. I'm with Hackenbush in not immediately recognizing Tyrannosaurus Vogelrex-- though I thought it was Schwarber!

  3. Can't not see that behemoth of a man and not think of you...

  4. I got your cards yesterday. Thanks for the trade!!

  5. I look forward to putting the NFL as far in the rear view mirror as possible. I'm also looking forward to all the Cubs players deciding in unison to retire so the Pirates have a chance at the division. Hope springs eternal this time of year!