Tuesday, August 2, 2016

All I've Got of Karl Olson

I'm stealing a page from Wrigley Wax on this one. I like his "All I've Got of Him:" series and thought it applied to this post. (Hope you don't mind, WW!)

In my last post I broke down a trade package from Corky of the Pack War blog. I left one card out and here it is:
What a beauty of a card!  Did you know I'm a Karl Olson super collector? We share the same surname and I thought it would be fun to track down all the cards from a player who laced them up over sixty years ago.

The two pictures below are all I've got of Karl Olson. For the record, that is a duplicate of the 1955 Karl Olson on the first picture. Three of the four cards on the second page are reprints.
You'll notice in the first picture, above, that there is a empty space. That's were the aforementioned '52 Karl Olson from Corky fits in.  No, it's not a duplicate, it's the red back version!
Can you believe that?  There were parallels back in 1952. Pshaw.

Here's a screenshot of the information on all the Karl Olson cards in existence of which I am aware of:

Thank you to David, defgav, Corky and my sister, Jane, for helping me on this quest.

If you know of any other Karl Olson cards out there, then please let me know.

As always, thanks for stopping by!


  1. Nicely done Mr. Olson....and I don't mind at all; it's actually kinda flattering.

  2. There are 14 listed on Zistle.

    A 1954 Red Sox Team Issue card/photo/postcard? #22

    And 2006 Topps Heritage Real One Autographs, blue ink and red ink versions.