Thursday, August 25, 2016

A Pack of 2016 Donruss Optic

I was unaware of what I was opening until I had the cards in hand. It's actually quite simple.
Topps Chrome is to Topps Flagship as Donruss Optic is to regular Donruss.
Same photos as regular Donruss.  Yet, they are chromier!  Is chromier a word? The spell checker in blogger sure doesn't like it.

 And, Panini is no dummy. The price point and number of cards per pack are the same as Topps Chrome. Sigh. Where's the originality?

The Carlos Correa is a nice get, but I'm having a little buyer's remorse over this one. I could have ripped four packs of Topps Bunt instead. C'est la vie. All cards are available if anything catches your eyes.

Thank for reading!


  1. This is why I don't buy packs of Chrome or Optic, half the cards for double the price of a pack of regular cards. That Correa insert and the Cabrera DK are nice pulls though.

  2. 4 cards is brutal, I agree. They look nice though.

  3. I'm all about Panini's baseball offerings, but this is too much. Especially for a hiked-up price and four lousy cards.

  4. I stay away from Chrome-only packs now. Topps/Donruss/Bowman, if it's just Chrome stay away.

    1. I think I'm starting to lean that way as well.

  5. Four cards of non-logo'd, crime-against-design Panini is ghastly. I get guilt feelings after regular Topps Chrome pack purchasing, I can't image how low I'd feel after this.

  6. I will send a stack of your wantlisted Cubs your way for Darvish, Cabrera, and Correa if any of them are still available.