Sunday, March 22, 2015

A PWE That Packs a Punch

Is there a prospect who is hotter in the baseball card world than Kris Bryant?  His cards are priced through the roof and I just can't convince myself to pull the trigger on any of them.  Luckily, others in the blogosphere, like JediJeff, are looking out for me and send me dupes!

More prospects?  Yes, please!  Mendy!  I hope Maddon finds a way to put his versatility to good use!
No one doubts C.J. Edwards stuff, but the dude rail thin.  Baseball Reference has him listed as 6'2" and 155 pounds.  There have been some really thin pitchers in the major leagues who have had some success, but they often have to beat the rap of being frail.  Who says that you can't handle a starter's workload and have the physique of a telephone pole? It never bothered Randy Johnson (6'10, 225), Jack McDowell (6'5" 180) or Chris Sale now (6'6' 180).

 A new Ryno for my player collection.  This is #753 in my collection, which is still growing strong.

Another Ryno, and some insert cards featuring a plethora of players from 2001 Topps. 

Mark Prior used to be the goods, but now Jon Lester, fatigued shoulder and all, is the new top of the rotation starter in town.  I'm hoping we can get three or four more excellent years out of Lester before he starts to show his age.

Lastly, a couple of great right fielders for the Cubs.  The Hawk and Slammin' Sammy... it's hard to say who was more popular in their prime amongst Cub fans.  
You could make an argument for Sammy, because during his homer-happy summer with McGwire in '98 the Cubs actually made the playoffs.  But Dawson won the MVP for a last place team in '87 and bleacher bums would bow to him on a regular basis.  

Thanks for the surprise PWE, Jeff!  I have an ugly 2015 Donruss Jose Abreu card with you name on it.  Man, the more I think about that design the less I like it.  Bleck. 


  1. Get ready for this statement: a guy at my LCS ripped a case of Bowman. Took the hits, left everything else. So I picked thru it and pulled out some cards. Everything Bowman you recvd was free.

  2. Don't worry. When Bryant makes it to the bigs and people realize he's not as good as Mike Trout, his prices will fall dramatically.

  3. I'll never understand people like that, who take only the hits and leave the rest. Maybe it's because I'm cheap. But I don't believe that MLB could handle two Bryants; you're lucky that envelope could contain his power, unlike most ballparks!