Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I like cards from Alaska, not Alaskan like weather.

About this time yesterday I was stuck at the bottom of the driveway after making it only half way up the slippery slope.  A month ago I kissed a curb after loosing control around a corner and busted the steering column in my car.

Honestly, I'm tired of this weather.  It needs to warm up.  Now.

It's March, but instead the forecast for today says we'll be stuck in the teens for yet another day.

How about something I'm not tired of?
 Yep, a PWE and a note.  Nice!  David is a kind, non-blogging, baseball card sending soul.

Above we have my 751st unique Ryne Sandberg card.  This one is from the 2014 Panini Classics set and is numbered out of 149.  The Kris Bryant is sweet as well.  I now have 15 different cards of Bryant and 11 of those have come from the Bloggosphere.  How cool is that?

David, please expand your collection so I have a fighting chance to send some quality cardboard goodness your way!  Thanks for thinking of me!

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  1. Sweet cards; here's hoping we see a Timeless Tribute to Bryant in Panini's 2035 Classic set!