Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Trading Across the Border

I completed a nice trade with Caitlin, from Yankees and Jays, not too long ago.  Obviously, she's got a vested interest in the Yankees and Blue Jays, but when she said she'd take some Marlins I about fell out of my chair.  Woo-Hoo!  My trade box is much lighter now, which means I can add some new cards!  Thanks, Caitlin!

Let's see what she sent in return.
Early 90's Pinnacle with a nice clean design.  Collectors seem to be united against black borders because of chipping, but these two are 20+ years old and are in pretty good shape.  And hey, they made it all the way from Canada in a trade package! 

 The Dunston replaces the hole in my Cubs binder from when I stole Shawon to complete my '88 Donruss set early in the year.  Very nice.  DLee is a personal favorite and an all-around good guy.

 I was a fan of Koyie Hill. Back-up catchers always seem to resonate with me for some reason.  Being that as it may, I hope the Cubs bring back John Baker.  He's serviceable and a great clubhouse presence. 

Here's a couple of former signings by the front office who were flipped the following July for some "long term assets."  A few of the names in return for these two starting pitchers are Jake Arrieta, Pedro Strop, and Addison Russell.    Yes.  Thank you.  More.  Please.

Lastly, my favorite of the bunch:  
I think I've mentioned only thirty-one times on this blog how I enjoy shiny cards.  This one is uber-shiny because it's a refractor numbered to 200.  I really like how it has a blue tint.  Simply gorgeous.

Thanks for a great trade, Caitlin.  We'll have to do it again sometime!


  1. Wow, Koyie Hill. Haven't thought about him in years.

  2. "Yes. Thank you. More. Please." Wait, I thought you wanted the revolving door that is/was the Cubs 40-man roster to stop?

    Nice cards :). PS your package came in today, thanks :).