Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Real Feel for 2013

2013 Topps Series 1 has hit the shelves and I'm excited.  I mean, seriously, just look at this Anthony Rizzo insert:
I haven't bought and packs yet, but after only purchasing two packs of Topps' flagship product last year, it'll be hard to stay away again.  I'm really feeling this year's set.  I see a trip to my LCS in the near future.  Meanwhile, I'll have to snag that Rizzo from a seller on eBay!

Speaking of really feeling a set... Vince, a good buddy of mine, gave me this Real Feel card for my 2102 Triple Set.  I'm still working on finishing that set off before I give my cardboard collecting self to the 2013 product line.
 This Real Feel card contains a piece of an authentic game base.  It's the first base card in my collection!  Pretty sweet.
 Thanks for the help, Vince!

If you have some Panini Triple Play that need a good home, be sure to see my want list.  Thanks for reading!


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