Tuesday, January 8, 2013

First Listia Win of 2013 and a Thank You

How about Mr. Cub to start off the new year?  For only 99 credits, it sounds like a good proposition to me!

2007 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts - Ernie Banks

Below is a Roberto Clemente (1964 Topps design) to add to my Topps Archives set that I'm still attempting to complete.  I sent Chris, of Nachos Grande, a couple of cards to help his set needs.  I wasn't expecting anything in return, as it was just some early '90's wax, but I should know by now that's not how the blogosphere works.  I found Roberto in my mailbox as a thank you.

Thanks for the Clemente, Chris!


  1. Did the back of the Clemente card say "Bob" too? That's just not right. It's ROBERTO. M

  2. I agree, but unfortunately it's "Bob" on the back of the card as well. But, I guess Roberto's official last name isn't Clemente (check website below). So, who's to argue with "Bob'?