Saturday, January 12, 2013

Joe Average Collector Group Break

Jason, from Joe Average Collector, held a group break.   He set the break up a little differently by splitting up all teams into one of three tiers.  The Cardinals and Cubs were in different tiers, so I snagged those two, and I picked up the Nationals/Expos from the third tier.

I'll eventually send most of the Cardinals to my little cousin who lives outside of St. Louis.  So that was a good deal. Here's a couple of the better Cardinals, a pair of autographs from former Peoria Chiefs!

I was hoping for some neat cards of any current Nats, but that didn't really pan out.  But Jason did split up the duplicates amongst the participants.  And look who wound up in my package!

The legend of the Matt Clement still lives on in my mind's eye.  Clement clinched a playoff spot for the Cubs the day I proposed to my wife back in September of 2003.  Crazy facial hair or not, he'll always have a place in my collection!

I'm really on board with the makeover "Team Theo" is giving the Cubs.  Slugging Dan Vogelbach will hopefully play a large part in the Cubs future.

Perhaps Shawon Dunston, the younger, will find a place in Wrigley in a few years?

Jason also threw in a couple of Kerry Wood cards as a Christmas present, just because I read his blog.  Both Wood cards are new to me and will they soon find themselves in a binder with the rest of cards in my unofficial Kerry Wood collection.

Thanks for a fun beak, Jason!

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  1. Hope to see you again! Next month should be more Expos driven (vintage!)