Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Something Different for the Blog

 I donated blood for the 40th time, in my lifetime, earlier this fall at my high school's blood drive. I like giving when my students are in session, because I feel I can serve as some free advertising for the Red Cross. Each year I have a handful of students who ask about my experience, and I'd like to think I've convinced a percentage of them to donate sometime down the road. 

Regardless, I was notified that I was eligible for the "5 Gallon" pin. I guess that makes sense, as there are eight pints in a gallon. I usually don't look for incentives to give blood or accept any bonuses for doing so, but a pin sounded pretty cool. 

I think I'll wear it to the future blood drives at the school. Maybe it'll help strike up a few more conversations. 

Do you give blood? If so, thanks for doing so. There's always someone out there in need. 


  1. Unfortunately, due to my health issues, I can't donate anymore.

    Good Job 👍 , keep doing good things.

  2. Good for you! I've donated over 60 pints to the Red Cross, and have my next appointment to do so January 7th!

  3. I don’t do well with needles and blood tests. Lame excuse but it’s true. Kind of you to donate so frequently!

  4. Like AJ, I have a problem with needles, so no donating for me.

  5. TLC took the words right off of my keyboard. I have donated before, but they were on very specific occasions. That being said... congratulations on your accomplishment and for being a role model for others (especially your students).

  6. Thank you for donating Tom. I am thinking about donating sometime which I have neverdone. Not much for needles but you and Jane inspire me. ♥️