Sunday, November 1, 2020

October was High End Vogelmonster Month

 Panini Chronicles and Topps Triples Threads were released within a week of each other and I've been happily chasing parallels of base, relics, and autos ever since. I'm a fan of high end product as long as I'm not the one paying the initial premium. 

What I'm not fond of is sellers who feel the need to use packing tape to cover the top of thick top loaders when shipping. Packing tape nearly always means certain death for the top loader in this household. I don't have a bunch of thick top loaders just laying around. I like all my more "expensive" Vogelbachs to rest comfortable in a penny sleeve, a top loader, and a team bag. I do this so I can pull them out of the box and enjoy their beauty without having to worry about damaging the cards in any fashion. What's the point of owning attractive cards if you're not ever going to look at them? Right? 

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Give Panini an MLB license. This is the spectra card design from 2020 Panini Chronicles. I'm after all of the parallels of the base card because they are brightly colored and so shiny. Everyone knows I'm a sucker for shiny.

Above is the "neon pink" parallel, number to /75. I couldn't be happier with the photo selection from Panini in this instance. I don't miss the logo the front of the jersey would have provided and it's quite obvious Vogelbach just launched one into the stratosphere with that swing and gaze. 

Here's the gold "Silhouettes" jersey card number to /10. Kudos to panini for matching the fabric behind Vogelbach with the color of his uniform top in the picture. 

I believe the next card is the last I needed with a print run of five or higher from the 2020 Topps Archives Signature Series. This one is numbered out of /26.
Vogelbach in Cubs jersey. Those were the days!

Did you know Topps had Pete Alonso curate a set this year? Yeah, I thought it was a bit strange, too. There was a couple of insert sets and one was titled Florida Roots. You can sort of make out the title in the background if you look hard enough. 
This is the base autograph card and there autographed parallels to chase as well. I'm a little surprised Topps went with the Panini photograph selection here. FYI, this is my first Vogelbach BREWERS card in my collection. 

I am not an Allen & Ginter fan. I'm a baseball guy through and through and I don't have much use for celebrities in my sets. But, I do like framed minis. 
Tint the boarder black and add in a blue signature and we have a winner! For what it's worth, this one is numbered out of /25. 

Topps, still drinking the Vogelbach All-Star Kool Aid from 2019, gave the Vogelmonster two cards in 2020 Triple Threads. Both come with a half dozen parallels or so. 
Above is the Emerald (out of /50) patch and signature combo. The design is gorgeous and I love how there's room for some fabric, an auto, and a picture. This card was going to be a leader for my favorite Vogelbach card of 2020 until I realized this is the exact same photo Topps used for his Bowman Chrome card.  

In case you weren't sure what I meant by "high end" in the title, then get this: A box of 2020 Triple Threads contains 14 cards for the low-low price tag of $300. 

My two cents = A high end product should not feature photos used in other products. I have one word for that: LAZY.

Below is the Sapphire jumbo jersey relic numbered to /3 from the same product. Thankfully, I haven't seen this photo used yet.  
If you look closely you can make out a little bit of teal jersey in the bottom-left corner of the jersey swatch. I'm not sure, but I think this swatch is part of the zero from the back of his uniform. Very cool. 

I hope you've enjoyed this quick spin through some of my recent Vogelbach acquisitions. I sure did!


  1. Quite the Vogelbach collection.

    Good Job. 👍

  2. Dannnng.

    That Silhouettes is very cool!

  3. Wowza. Your collection is insane. Can't believe I'm gonna praise Panini... but that Silhouettes jersey card is SWEET.

  4. Wow. I feel like this post about the most expensive looking post I've ever seen. Congrats on getting so many cards. They all look wonderful. Very very nice!